I'm Femi Adewuyi.

An award winning photographer based in Vancouver and Calgary, Canada. I've been using my art to spread joy everywhere I go. With a client base across 4 continents, my team and I have delivered excellence for the last 15 years.

If you're looking to add a dash of colour to your world, welcome to the Femi Adewuyi experience.


Working with Femi is so much fun. He has been photographing my family for 12 years.
Since 2010, he has covered my wedding, photographed my mom, aunts and in-laws. Femis pictures of my kids are real, funny, and precious.

Working with Femi was simply amazing! He is very professional, knows how to make clients feel comfortable, and very skilled. The pictures were perfect and exceeded my expectations! I will definitely be booking more sessions in the near future!
Thank you again, Femi.

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Mobile +1 778 803 4874